Highlights from my Doctor Who Series 6 Finale Party

On Sunday, October 2nd I had my very first Doctor Who theme party! A while back, my lovely friends Cat and David had a gathering for “Let’s Kill Hitler” and I was bit by the Doctor Who Theme Party bug.

If you’ve been following my goings-on, you might have seen my Wedding of River Song invitations. Considering how long those invites took to make, I had to make a party worthy of them. It was an evening of fun, friends, and food. My wonderful roommate recently purchased a big-screen HD TV, so we watched the episode in all its high-def glory. I think that around 10 people ended up coming to the party. Here are some images.

This is the TARDIS door that Cat and I made. It is a lot less yellow in person. This thing took hours and hours to put together because we were obsessed with making it proportional.

Just some neat shots from the process of making the cake.

More cake pictures.

This cake took forever to bake. It was a triple-chocolate mousse cake and it was a freaking bitch to pull together let me tell you. The recipe came from America’s Test Kitchen and can be found here. It came out super dark and bitter, and I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong. Everybody seemed to like it but hopefully next time it will be a sweeter and more graceful endeavor. I ended up making a few minor additions–namely, I added a tiny bit of mint to the top layer and sweetened the middle layer up after I discovered how incredibly dark the bottom turned out. I also figured a hint of something unexpected was perfect for the Wedding Cake of River Song. Also DID YOU KNOW that dark blue icing is really difficult to make? That is something I learned yesterday.

The Wedding Cake of River Song

Here is the cake from the side so you can see all the layers.

There was a lot of other food at the party!

All of the foods, ever actually.

While planning the party, I figured that wedding foods would be the most appropriate to make. In addition to the fancy cake, I made tea sandwiches and deviled eggs and set out a nice veggie plate. There were also banana daiquiris but I didn’t get a good shot of those. My plan was to obtain some Jelly Babies as well but after all of the other expenses I cancelled on those. Still, celery and bananas? Any Doctor would feel somewhat at home.

The tea sandwiches turned out to be FUCKING FANTASTIC. Those were made from

  • French bread
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Turkey
  • Parsley
  • Cucumbers
  • Goat Cheese (from my mom’s friend’s goat farm).

Cat and David brought fishfingers and custard as well. They used the recipe from the BBC website. (Matt Smith wasn’t really eating custard but a dressing disguised to look like custard!). If you are curious, here is how you can make it at home.

Rachel made cookies, Riki brought cups and plates, and Claudine brought some chips and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Megan and Grant brought beer. Other people brought other things but I can’t keep up with it all right now!

Here are some of the party people enjoying the shindig! You can barely tell but we pasted glow-in-the-dark stars all over the walls for the party. We're just going to leave them up forever now.

It must have been a crazy party. There are patches of it that I can't remember...

Last but not least, I dressed up a bit.

Future self: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

I got the blazer and tie at the most fucking fantastic thrift store in the whole goddamned world. The jacket was $7.99 and the tie was $4.99. Not pictured: my unfortunately purple low-top Converse sneakers.

Anyway! All’s said and done, the season’s over, River Song didn’t get erased from the universe, and for all of my unanswered questions I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. I hope you enjoyed the finale as much as I did!


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